Chery Kaiyi Auto

Kaiyi, which offers its new model for sale with two engine
options that can reach 48 and 54 horsepower, is an automobile manufacturer 49%
owned by Chery. In 2019, it opened its own smart factory and turned to the
electric vehicle sector.

Four-seater 201 km
range car from Chery for $ 7,600!

Are you in the market for an affordable and eco-friendly car? Look no
further than the latest offering from Chery – the #Chery’den. Priced at just
7,600 dollars, this four-seater vehicle is a game-changer in the electric car
industry. With a remarkable range of 201 km on a single charge, the #Chery’den
is perfect for both city commuting and longer journeys.

What sets the #Chery’den apart from its competitors is not just its
affordability, but also its commitment to sustainability. Chery, a renowned
automaker, is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and shifting towards
greener transportation options. By choosing the #Chery’den, you are not only
saving money, but also contributing to a cleaner and healthier planet.

Equipped with a cutting-edge LFP battery, the #Chery’den offers unbeatable
value for its price. In addition, Chery’s expertise in electric vehicle
manufacturing ensures that you can rely on the car’s performance and
durability. Whether you are a first-time electric car buyer or a long-time
enthusiast, the #Chery’den is an excellent investment.

·  Key Features of the #Chery:

Range201 km
Number of SeatsFour
Battery TypeLFP
Price7,600 dollars

From its impressive range to its affordable price tag, the #Chery’den is
truly a game-changer in the electric car market. It brings together
convenience, sustainability, and innovation in a single vehicle. Don’t miss out
on the opportunity to own this remarkable car. Join Chery’s mission towards a
greener future and experience the thrill of driving the #Chery’den!

 Four-seater 201 km range car
from Chery for $ 7,600!

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, with new innovations and
advancements being introduced every day. One such development is the launch of
Chery’s latest creation – a four-seater electric car with a remarkable range of
201 kilometers. This groundbreaking vehicle, offered at an unbelievably
affordable price of $7,600, is set to revolutionize the electric car market.

Chery’s commitment to providing sustainable and eco-friendly transportation
options is evident in the design and specifications of this new model. The
compact electric car is equipped with a state-of-the-art LFP battery, ensuring
optimal performance and efficiency. Not only does it offer an impressive range,
but it also boasts a sleek and stylish design that is sure to turn heads on the

What sets this car apart is not just its affordability and range, but also
the level of comfort and convenience it offers. With a length of 3,360
millimeters, it provides ample space for four passengers, making it perfect for
small families or urban dwellers. Additionally, the car features a spacious
120-liter trunk, providing sufficient storage space for all your belongings.

·  Furthermore, the Kaiyi Shiyue comes
equipped with a 10.25-inch infotainment screen, offering a seamless and
intuitive user experience. Whether you’re navigating through the city or
enjoying a road trip, this advanced system ensures that you stay connected and
entertained throughout your journey.

·  Kaiyi, an affiliate of Chery, has
been at the forefront of the electric vehicle industry since its inception in
2019. With the opening of its smart factory and its unwavering focus on
electric vehicles, Kaiyi has quickly become a key player in the market.

Range Power
201 km 48
horsepower $7,600
301 km 54
horsepower $9,800

With two motor options providing 48 and 54 horsepower respectively, the
Kaiyi Shiyue offers versatility and power for any driving preference. Thanks to
its partnership with Chery, a renowned automaker, Kaiyi brings reliability and
expertise to the table, ensuring a top-notch driving experience for customers.

It is clear that Chery’s new electric car, the Kaiyi Shiyue, is not only an
affordable and eco-friendly option but also a strong contender in the market.
With its impressive range, stylish design, and advanced features, it is set to
disrupt the industry and redefine what electric vehicles are capable of. Get
ready to embark on a new era of mobility with Chery’s remarkable creation.

Chery launched the compact electric car of its Kaiyi Auto sub-brand at an
event in China yesterday.

Chery launched a compact electric car from its Kaiyi Auto sub-brand at an
event in China yesterday. This exciting news is a revolutionary step in the
automobile industry. Chery’s Kaiyi Auto sub-brand offers low-cost electric
cars, making sustainable and environmentally friendly transport more
accessible. This mini hatchback model, named Kaiyi Shiyue, stands out with its
affordable price and promises drivers a long range.

The entry-level model of the
new electric car, the $7,600 version, has a range of 201 km. This is a
sufficient range for daily urban use and is ideal for meeting the transport
needs of many people. The top package offers a range of 301 km for $9,800. This
is an option that can cover longer distances. This car will appeal to drivers
as it is both environmentally friendly and budget-friendly.

Kaiyi Shiyue is a car suitable
for urban traffic with its compact dimensions. With a length of only 3,360 mm,
this vehicle is an ideal option for drivers who have trouble parking. It also
offers a practical use with its four-seater seating arrangement and 120 litres
of luggage space. The 10.25-inch infotainment screen gives drivers easy access
to technology.

Kaiyi Auto sub-brand of Chery

environmentally friendly and

this car is designed to promote
sustainable transport.

more accessible.        

– This new electric car is
expected to attract all kinds of users with its features and affordable price.
Being both environmentally friendly and economical allows drivers to make the
right choice for themselves and their environment. Kaiyi Shiyue also offers
practicality with its dimensions suitable for urban use and spacious interior.
In addition, long journeys become possible with high range options.

Chery Introduces the Affordable and Efficient Kaiyi Shiyue Electric Car

Chery, a renowned Chinese automaker, recently unveiled its latest addition
to the electric vehicle market – the Kaiyi Shiyue. This compact electric car
offers an impressive range of 201 kilometers on its entry-level model, equipped
with a cost-effective LFP battery. And for those seeking even greater range,
the higher-end package boasts an impressive 301 kilometers. The best part? The
starting price for the Kaiyi Shiyue is an affordable $7,600, making it an
accessible option for many individuals looking to embrace eco-friendly

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Kaiyi Shiyue is its association
with Chery, a major player in the automotive industry. Chery holds a 49% stake
in this particular automaker, showcasing its commitment to technological
innovation and electric vehicles. Back in 2019, Chery ventured into the
electric vehicle sector by opening its own intelligent factory. This move not
only demonstrates Chery’s dedication to producing sustainable solutions but
also its determination to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry.

The Kaiyi Shiyue’s compact design and thoughtful features make it an
appealing option for urban dwellers and eco-conscious individuals. With its
length of 3,360 mm, this four-seater car offers both comfort and convenience.
The inclusion of a 10.25-inch infotainment screen enhances the driving
experience and keeps the driver connected to essential information.
Additionally, the 120-liter trunk provides ample storage space for daily
essentials, ensuring that the Kaiyi Shiyue seamlessly blends practicality with

In a market where electric vehicle options are expanding rapidly, the Kaiyi
Shiyue aims to compete with established models like the Changan Lumin and
Wuling Air EV. By offering an affordable and efficient electric car, Chery has
once again showcased its determination to make sustainable transportation
accessible to a wider audience. With its impressive range, compact size, and
affordable price tag, the Kaiyi Shiyue has the potential to revolutionize how
we perceive electric vehicles and pave the way for a greener future.

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    Air EV
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  • affordable
Length3,360 mm
120 liters
10.25 inches

The mini hatchback named Kaiyi Shiyue promises a range of 201 km in the $
7,600 entry-level model and 301 km in the $ 9,800 top package with an LFP
battery of undisclosed size.

Have you ever dreamed of owning an affordable electric car with a
remarkable range? Well, dream no more because Chery’s sub-brand, Kaiyi, has
just unveiled the Kaiyi Shiyue, a mini hatchback that offers an impressive
range at an affordable price. This compact electric car comes in two models: a
base model priced at $7,600, which boasts a range of 201 kilometers, and a
higher-end model priced at $9,800, promising a range of 301 kilometers.

What sets the Kaiyi Shiyue apart from its competitors is its undisclosed
LFP battery. This cutting-edge battery technology not only ensures an extended
range but also enhances the overall performance and efficiency of the vehicle.
With this remarkable battery, you can travel with confidence and explore new
horizons without having to worry about running out of power.

Chery, the parent company of Kaiyi, has always been at the forefront of
innovation, and the Kaiyi Shiyue is a testament to their commitment to
providing sustainable transportation solutions. With their expertise in the
automotive industry, it comes as no surprise that Chery has ventured into the
electric vehicle market, aiming to revolutionize the way we travel.

Chery’s New Compact Electric Car: Affordable and Sustainable The automotive
industry is constantly evolving, and with the increasing demand for sustainable
transportation, Chery has once again proved its commitment to innovation.
Recently, the renowned car manufacturer introduced its new electric vehicle
under the sub-brand Kaiyi Auto. This compact electric car, named Kaiyi Shiyue,
boasts an impressive range of 201 kilometers in the base model priced at only
$7,600. With the higher package priced at $9,800, the range extends to an
astonishing 301 kilometers. Chery has undoubtedly set a new benchmark in terms
of affordability and sustainability in the electric car market.

What sets the Kaiyi Shiyue apart from its competitors is its LFP battery
technology, which ensures a longer driving range without compromising on
performance. The combination of affordability and the ability to travel up to
301 kilometers on a single charge is truly remarkable. Imagine the
possibilities this opens up for urban commuting and even short road trips. With
the skyrocketing fuel prices and the growing concern for the environment, it is
refreshing to see an automaker taking significant steps towards a greener
future. Chery’s commitment to providing sustainable transportation options is
truly inspiring.

Not only does the Kaiyi Shiyue impress with its range and affordability,
but it also offers a comfortable and intuitive driving experience. The compact
hatchback design, with its four-seater configuration, makes it ideal for
navigating busy city streets and parking in tight spaces. And with a spacious
120-liter trunk, there is ample room for all your essentials. The 10.25-inch
touchscreen infotainment system is a delightful addition, providing seamless
connectivity and entertainment options on the go.

It is worth noting that Kaiyi Auto is a subsidiary of Chery, a renowned
automotive manufacturer with a strong presence in the market. With the launch
of the Kaiyi Shiyue, Chery has once again proven its commitment to innovation
and sustainability. This move comes as no surprise, as the company had
previously ventured into the electric vehicle sector in 2019 when it opened its
own smart factory. By embracing the electric vehicle revolution, Chery has
proven that it is not only capable of adapting to changing trends but also
leading the way.

Hatchback Design
$7,600 (Base
Model) – $9,800 (Higher Package)
201 km (Base
Model) – 301 km (Higher Package)
Trunk Space
Touchscreen Infotainment System

The launch of the Kaiyi Shiyue not only offers an affordable and
sustainable electric car option but also intensifies the competition in the
market. Chery’s new model will rival popular entry-level electric vehicles such
as the Changan Lumin and Wuling Air EV. It’s exciting to witness the rapid
advancement in the electric car industry, as more affordable options become
available to consumers.

In conclusion, Chery’s new compact electric car, the Kaiyi Shiyue,
showcases the company’s dedication to providing affordable and sustainable
transportation options for the masses. With its remarkable range and attractive
price point, it is a game-changer in the electric vehicle industry. Chery’s
commitment to innovation and sustainability is truly inspiring, and it serves
as a reminder that small steps today can lead to a greener and brighter future

Kaiyi, which offers its new model for sale with two engine options that can
reach 48 and 54 horsepower, is an automobile manufacturer 49% owned by Chery.
In 2019, it opened its own smart factory and turned to the electric vehicle

With the ever-growing concern for environmental sustainability and the
increasing popularity of electric vehicles, automakers have been striving to
produce innovative and affordable options for consumers. In line with this
trend, Kaiyi Auto, a subsidiary of Chery and a 49%
owner of the company, has recently unveiled its latest offering: a compact
electric car that boasts two motor options producing 48 and 54 horsepower
respectively. This new model not only showcases Chery’s commitment to the
electric vehicle sector, but also signifies Kaiyi’s dedication to
revolutionizing the industry.

Since its establishment, Kaiyi has been a driving force in the automotive
world, determined to make a difference by embracing technological advancements
and sustainable practices. In 2019, the company took a major leap forward by
inaugurating its own intelligent factory and turning its focus towards electric
vehicles. This strategic move enabled Kaiyi to tap into the growing demand for
eco-friendly transportation solutions, while also ensuring they remain at the
forefront of automotive innovation.

One of the key features that sets Kaiyi’s new electric car apart from its
competitors is the availability of two motor options, each delivering different
levels of power and performance. The option for either a 48 or 54 horsepower
motor provides consumers with the flexibility to choose the driving experience
that aligns with their preferences and needs. Whether it’s the swift
acceleration of the 54 horsepower motor or the more economical and efficient 48
horsepower motor, Kaiyi’s new model offers a tailored experience for every

Chery’s New Electric Car: Affordable, Efficient, and Stylish

Chery, a renowned Chinese automaker, has once again made waves in the
automotive industry with its latest launch. The brand recently introduced its
new electric car under the sub-brand, Kaiyi Auto. This compact electric
vehicle, named Kaiyi Shiyue, offers an impressive range of 201 km in the
entry-level model featuring an affordable price tag of only $7,600. For those
looking for an enhanced driving experience, the top-tier package, priced at
$9,800, promises an extended range of 301 km.

What sets Chery’s new electric car apart is not just its affordability and
eco-friendliness, but also its commitment to providing a comfortable and
convenient driving experience. With a length of 3,360 mm, the four-seater
vehicle offers ample space for passengers and a compact size that allows for
easy maneuverability in congested city streets. Additionally, the 120-litre
trunk provides sufficient storage space for daily errands and weekend getaways.

Technological advancements also play a crucial role in Kaiyi Shiyue’s
appeal. The car features a user-friendly and visually appealing 10.25-inch
infotainment screen, which serves as the central hub for navigation,
entertainment, and connectivity features. This seamless integration of
technology into the driving experience enhances both convenience and enjoyment.

Key Features:
a starting price of $7,600, Kaiyi Shiyue offers an economical option for
those interested in purchasing an electric car. Impressive
entry-level model boasts a range of 201 km, providing ample distance for
daily commuting and short trips. Enhanced
Range Option:
those with longer commutes or a preference for extended driving range,
the top-tier package offers an impressive range of 301 km. Spacious
and Practical:
its compact size, Kaiyi Shiyue offers sufficient seating for four
passengers and a 120-litre trunk for storage. Advanced
Infotainment System:
 The 10.25-inch display offers
intuitive controls for navigation, entertainment, and connectivity

Kaiyi Shiyue, which comes witha 3,360 mm length, four-seater seating arrangement, 120 litres of luggage and a 10.25-inch infotainment screen, will compete with models such as Changan Lumin and Wuling Air EV at the entry level.

The Kaiyi Shiyue is an innovative and stylish compact electric car that
combines convenience, comfort, and sustainability. With its impressive
features, such as a length of 3,360 mm, a four-seater arrangement, a spacious
120-liter trunk, and a stunning 10.25-inch infotainment screen, the Kaiyi
Shiyue is ready to take on competitors in the entry-level segment, including
the Changan Lumin and the Wuling Air EV.

What sets the Kaiyi Shiyue apart from its rivals is not only its sleek
design but also its remarkable range and affordability. For just $7,600, the
entry-level model offers an impressive 201 km of range thanks to its
undisclosed LFP battery. And for those seeking even more mileage, the
higher-tier package, priced at $9,800, provides an incredible 301 km range.
This affordability combined with its exceptional features make the Kaiyi Shiyue
a true game-changer.

It is worth mentioning that Chery, the parent company owning 49% of Kaiyi’s
shares, is known for its commitment to the electric vehicle market. Back in
2019, Chery opened its intelligent factory in China, paving the way for its
foray into the world of electric vehicles. By leveraging their expertise and
experience, Chery has empowered Kaiyi with not only a reliable supply chain but
also the knowledge and resources to create a truly remarkable electric car.

·  Key Features:

Length:3,360 mm
120 liters
10.25 inches

With the Kaiyi Shiyue, owning an electric vehicle has never been easier or
more accessible. Its affordable price, impressive range, and enticing features
make it an ideal choice for both city dwellers and eco-conscious individuals.
Embrace the future of transportation with the Kaiyi Shiyue and experience a new
level of convenience, comfort, and sustainability on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does the Kaiyi Shiyue electric
car cost?

The Kaiyi Shiyue electric car is available at a starting price of $7,600.

2. What is the range of the entry-level model of Kaiyi Shiyue?

The entry-level model of Kaiyi Shiyue offers a range of 201 km.

3. How much is the range of the top-tier package of Kaiyi Shiyue?

The top-tier package of Kaiyi Shiyue provides a range of 301 km.

4. How many motor options are available for the Kaiyi Shiyue?